Tübinger Hütte


Tübinger Hütte - Neuer Weg zur Saarbrücker Hütte


Tomáš Pago

17.07.2021 · Community
Hello, please, I would like to ask if this route is well passable even this year, when there is a lot of snow in the mountains. What equipment did you go with? And were there any difficult passages due to the snow? We plan to go the route from Bielerhöhe Silvrettasee to Tübinger Hütte and then continue across to Plattenjoch to Seelücke and then to Saarbrücker Hütte, where we will sleep. Thank you very much for the detailed information. We plan to go in early August.
Foto: Tomáš Pago, Community

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Antwort von Hans Reibold  · 17.07.2021 · alpenvereinaktiv.com
Hello Tomas Thank you for your inquiry. Your planned route from the Bielerhöhe to the Saarbrücker Hütte is feasible until the beginning of August if you are in good physical shape. The passages on the remains of snow on the ascent to the Plattenjoch (roughly as in Fig. 2/9) and to the Seelücke are somewhat steeper in the upper area, but with touring poles they are usually easy to walk without crampons. When ascending to the Plattenjoch, please climb on the left side of the valley, as rockslides often come off the Plattenspitze on the right side of the valley. Best regards Hans
Antwort von Tomáš Pago · 18.07.2021 · Community
Hi Hans, thank you very much for the information. We have hiking poles and tourist ice crampons in reserve. So I hope it will be o.k. Can I ask two more questions? As for the ascent to Plattenjoch, we will climb on the left side, is this a marked route? Alternatively, I would use your GPS coordinates from the route, which I would download if you went to the left. And the second question. Do you think that if we leave the Bielerhöhe car park at about 9 am, we will be able to walk around the 5th to the Saarbrücker hut? Thank you
Antwort von Hans Reibold  · 18.07.2021 · alpenvereinaktiv.com
Hello Tomas, 1. the ascent to the Plattenjoch is clearly marked with red and white signs as long as there is no snow on it. The path follows the GPS coordinates. 2. The route from the Bielerhöhe via the Tübinger Hütte to the Saarbrücker Hütte can be walked in 8 hours if you are in good shape. But then there are no longer breaks in it. Best regards Hans
Antwort von Tomáš Pago · 18.07.2021 · Community
Hi Hans, Thank you so much! Best Regards Tomas
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