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mahsan java

22.08.2021 · Community
Hi there, Are the signs on this hike easy to find? I plan to go by myself, can I find the rout or I need a tour guide for that?! Thanks

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Antwort von Arne Haeckel  · 22.08.2021 · Community
I think, the signs are easy to find. It may be helpful to have a gps or smartphone (with outdooractive app :-) with you. More important: you should be experienced with hiking in the Alps.
Antwort von mahsan java · 22.08.2021 · Community
Thx for replying 🙏🏻 Yes I’ll be hiking in Swiss alps for 3 weeks in Sep. The problem is the route to Gamsluggen is longer from Swiss, and there’s absolutely no Direction online to see that heart lake! Yours was the only one I found :) so I’ll be crossing the border to Austria at the end of my Swiss trip
The route is signposted, but requires alpine mountain experience. A head for heights, the appropriate equipment, surefootedness and alpine experience are required for the tour.
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