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From Kristberg to Obere Wies and back via the Coral Reef

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  • Kristbergsattel
    / Kristbergsattel
    Photo: Christina Wachter, Montafon Tourismus GmbH_(c)_Christina Wachter
  • Tümpel und kleinere Seen
    / Tümpel und kleinere Seen
    Photo: Christina Wachter, Montafon Tourismus GmbH_(c)_Christina Wachter
  • / Blick auf den Arlberg (Klostertal)
    Photo: Christina Wachter, Montafon Tourismus GmbH_(c)_Christina Wachter
  • / Wiesenweg Richtung Obere Wies
    Photo: Christina Wachter, Montafon Tourismus GmbH_(c)_Christina Wachter
  • / Obere Wies mit Blick auf den Alpilakopf
    Photo: Christina Wachter, Montafon Tourismus GmbH_(c)_Christina Wachter
  • / Ausblick Obere Wies
    Photo: Christina Wachter, Montafon Tourismus GmbH_(c)_Christina Wachter
  • / Korallenriff mit Blick auf den Kristberg
    Photo: Christina Wachter, Montafon Tourismus GmbH_(c)_Christina Wachter
  • / Fulateia mit Maisäßlandschaft
    Photo: Christina Wachter, Montafon Tourismus GmbH_(c)_Christina Wachter
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Kristberg cable-car mountain terminal - Kristbergsattel - Silbertal forest school - Ganzaleita - Falla - Küngsmaisäss - Obere Wies - Coral Reef - Gässtuala - Amas-Legi - Fulateia - Ganzaleita - Silbertal forest school - St Agatha miners’ chapel - Kristberg cable-car mountain terminal
10.6 km
4:01 h
548 m
548 m

Excellently positioned, Kristberg offers one of the most scenic mountain settings in Montafon. The view of Montafon’s iconic “Three Towers” landmark alone makes Kristberg a place well worth visiting, but there is a wide choice of attractive hikes to boost.


The Coral Reef

It was some 200 million years ago, in the Triassic period, that a splendid coral reef developed in a flat and shallow sea. Now, mountain-forming processes later, a small remainder of that reef is still visible as a rocky ridge overlooking green Alpine pastures on “Obere Wies” to the west of Kristberg saddle near the Schwarzhorn mountain peak. User
Roland Fritsch 
Updated: June 25, 2018

Highest point
1870 m
Lowest point
1425 m
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Safety information


140 Alpine emergencies, throughout Austria

144 Alpine emergencies, Vorarlberg

112 European emergency call number (works with any mobile phone/network)


Kristberg cable-car mountain terminal (1442 m)
47.107128, 9.986902
32T 574879 5217541


Kristberg cable-car mountain terminal

Turn-by-turn directions

The Kristberg cable-car will take care of elevation gain on the first leg of your trip. From the mountain terminal, a part of the Knappa trail leads up somewhat steeply to Kristberg saddle through a forest area. Onward from Kristberg saddle, a wide path passes the Silbertal forest school educational project, followed by the next ascent, which, though steep, is fortunately relatively brief. Then the route continues to climb gently through woodland, passing ponds and some small lakes, depending on the level of dryness, before it reaches the first turnoff to Ganzaleita. Follow the signposts towards the Ganzaleita lookout, with the trail at first leading upwards over roots and through wooded sections before reaching a clearing. Then follow the meadow trail heading towards Falla, slightly uphill. A little later, you will be zig-zagging up the mountain fully exposed to the sun, following the trail directly along the slope and partly along the ridge. A fence has been set up for extra safety. The next signpost to pay heed to is the one pointing towards “Falla”. The geology educational trail is indicated as well. Follow the signs towards Küngsmaisäss and Alpe Latons. After a short further ascent, the route levels out, taking you around the mountain on the Klostertal side. The next turnoff comes up after 5 to 10 minutes. The last section leading to Obere Wies is another uphill climb: Following a narrow path and crossing a meadow, another 25 to 30 minutes will take you to Obere Wies at the foot of Alpilakopf, with Itonskopf right behind it. From here, the route follows the meadow trail towards Alpilakopf. Keep left at the turnoff and start your descent via the Coral Reef. After about 15 minutes, the trail forks again: Keep walking towards Falla. Once you have reached the next turnoff, you have arrived in the Gässtuala area. Of course you could turn left here and hike back to where you came from via Falla and Ganzaleita. We recommend picking up the trail on the right leading towards Lake Fritzen, not only to avoid taking more or less the same route back to Kristberg, but also because the descent via Falla is on relatively slippery, rocky terrain. Hiking downhill you will reach the area of Amas-Legi. At Amas-Legi, turn left and follow the wide path towards Fulateia, passing several traditional alpine pasture huts along the way. It takes about an hour to reach Kristberg saddle from Amas-Legi. From Panoramagasthof Kristberg, it is only about 5 more minutes to the mountain terminal of the Kristberg cable-car (starting point).


Wildlife refuge Silbertal: February 06 - March 31
all notes on protected areas

Public transport

Why not leave your car behind?

The Montafonerbahn regional buses cover all of Montafon. The main lines depart from the Schruns railway station at hourly intervals.

The 88 bus takes you to Silbertal from the Schruns railway station. Get off at the “Kristbergbahn” stop.


To get back again

Take the 88 bus from Silbertal back to the Schruns railway station.

mbs bus timetables


By rail

The Montafonerbahn railway runs every hour (sometimes every 30 minutes) from the Bludenz railway station. Direct transfer available also from Lindau in Germany or from Bregenz.

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Getting there

Coming from Bludenz, take the Bludenz/Montafon exit from the motorway and follow the L188 towards Montafon until you reach Schruns. Continue to Silbertal along the Silbertal road.


You will find parking spaces at the Kristberg cable-car valley terminal (fees apply in the summer). Before going up in the cable-car, you can get a small refund on the parking ticket at the cable-car ticket office.


47.107128, 9.986902
32T 574879 5217541
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


Sturdy boots; poles recommended. Take enough to drink along with you - there are no mountain springs along the way. On hot days, it is advisable to wear some kind of headgear.

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Klaus Gröger
August 24, 2019 · Community
Die Tour startet recht unspektakulär durch den Wald, eröffnet aber bald schöne Blicke ins Klostertal. Danach geht es durch Weiden, was tw. recht matschig sein kann. Schöne Blicke von der Oberen Wies, danach wird die Wegfindung schwierig, da viele kleine Wege durch die Weide führen. Kommt man unten an, geht es recht einfach zurück zur Bergstation.
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Done at August 15, 2019
Start am Kristberg
Photo: Klaus Gröger, Community
Blick ins Klostertal
Photo: Klaus Gröger, Community
Obere Wies
Photo: Klaus Gröger, Community
Auf dem Rückweg
Photo: Klaus Gröger, Community
Vroni Ziegler 
June 18, 2017 · Community
Traumhaft!!! So eine herrliche Bergkulisse 😍
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Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017 11:34:01
Photo: Vroni Ziegler, Community
Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017 11:34:31
Photo: Vroni Ziegler, Community
Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017 11:35:46
Photo: Vroni Ziegler, Community User
Christina Wachter
September 05, 2016 · Montafon Tourismus GmbH
Sehr geehrter Herr Janssen,

vielen Dank für Ihren Kommentar. Schade, dass der GPX Track bei Ihnen nicht richtig funktioniert hat. Der Abstieg von der Oberen Wiese erfolgt über das Gebiet "Korallenriff" zur "Gäßtuala". Dort kann man dann wählen, ob man über die "Falla" zum Kristberg zurück wandert oder ob man weiter bis nach "Amas-Legi" absteigt und dann über Fulateia und Maschleu zurück zum Kristberg wandert. Es gibt verschiedene Varianten, um zum Ausgangspunkt zurückzukehren. Zudem gibt es noch weitere Möglichkeiten, man könnte auch nach Innerberg oder Bartholomäberg absteigen. Dann sind Start- und Endziel nicht identisch. Auf jeden Fall ist die Tour sehr zu empfehlen, denn der Ausblick von der Oberen Wiese ist sehr schön.


Schöne Grüße



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10.6 km
548 m
548 m
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